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With the kids it is sometimes a popularity contest. They know Liberty is the best opportunity but they want to be able to post a ton of offers. I know from experience. Some then chose a school for name only. Thus the transfer portal is so full of kids now that picked a school for name alone.
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By jinxy
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Do we have a juco target list. They are so much harder to keep up with.

Does staff think they still have a shot with prunty or was that lip service from prunty. I knew he was a steal and said so as soon as he committed.

Are we still looking at barber as a backup plan?

Did we pull the rug on ben may as well or did he decommit on his own.

I heard theres one more hs kid were working hard. Havent been able to figure out which one.
A couple of early targets have decommited like Chazz Wallace(3 star DT), CJ Beasley(3 star rb) and I saw on Twitter that we are high on this 6'5 WR(3 star) from Washington. It is going to be very interesting what happens as we approach early signing day.
By Risewithus
Very true. Dec 1 schools can pick up contact full steam again. Once schools learn they are out of the running on a kids final 5, they start back reaching to take kids away from their current verbal commitments to fill their class. Just have to hold on now. Last minute swipers. Hadn't paid a kid any attention all year but now u tell them we really need you. Smh
We have had a couple of our recent targets come off the board due to commitments:

1. Demetri Jordan - 3 star JUCO OL - committed to SMU
2. Jacob Kainer - 3 star JUCO TE - committed to Tulsa
3. Dominic Quewon - 3 star JUCO DE - committed to Southern Miss

We are only 3 weeks away from early signing period and we sit with 19 commitments and 12 are 3 stars and 4 are 2 stars. It will be fun to see what happens as we go down to the wire for a few prospects like Karon Prunty(former commit, who now holds offers from us, Va Tech, kansas, pitt & uconn).
By oldflame
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chris leedlelee wrote: November 26th, 2019, 2:27 pm Curious to know what is happening on the recruiting front. It has been awfully quiet since the wave of decommitments. I wonder who the coaching staff decided they wanted to go after instead of them.
At this point, it looks like the goal is to fill most if not all of the remaining scholarship slots with JUCO transfers. A bunch of those that we have offered will be on campus next weekend. Pretty sure they are also going all out to get Karon Prunty "back in the fold".
oldflame wrote: November 27th, 2019, 12:33 pm
Risewithus wrote: November 27th, 2019, 12:11 pm Think it is Tyshawn Wyatt. Im not certain but he is from Virginia if that is who he meant. O lineman
Yahtzee! Thanks
You can't just Willy nilly say Yahtzee around these parts. It carries different meaning.
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