Anything and everything about Liberty Flames football. Your comments on games, recruiting and the direction of the program as we move into new era.

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By CCWMichael
THE State University of New York: 45
THE Liberty Flames: 17

I originally did rushing yards, it's a home game :oops:

Attendance 15,137
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By Chippy
LU 34 . . . if Rusins, Mitchell, Benton, Scruggs, Cozad, and Tillmon play.
BU 27

LU 17 . . . if they don't play.
BU 38

By rogers3
No good at scores,but I think we might surprise some with a win tomorrow. My son will be in a box, and I'd like to be there but the others kids swim in a meet tomorrow.
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By BlueBlood
Jonathan Carone wrote: September 13th, 2019, 9:33 pm I was able to book a hotel room at 9:15 tonight so it’s definitely not packed from the out of town crowd.
I booked a hotel weeks ago - thinking that a home game weekend would be a problem. My hotel is not even close to being full.


BTW - I totally think there are more hotels surrounding the LU campus than there are in State College near Penn State.

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