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By ballcoach15
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Liberty heads west this weekend, on a good RPI building trip. We play Tulsa, Oklahoma (2) and Louisiana (2), starting Friday.
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By Cider Jim
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Ballcoach, will you be DRIVING there?
By Chippy
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Oklahoma beat Miami Ohio 9-7 on 2 run walk-off HR. Miami hit 5 HRs and leads the nation in team HRs (39). Ok has 26.

Our turn now :shock:
By ECC29
Easy my friend. I know it’s frustrating. Bachman is probably the most experienced pitchers they got but she is not showing it.
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By JK37
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ballcoach15 wrote: March 2nd, 2024, 12:31 am I think she's just "throwing ", not "pitching ". There is a difference. Needs to throw change up more. (for strikes)
I thought same thing about changeup. But I don’t think she has any faith in her offspeed against the hammers.
By Dalegarz1
I agree that a changeup can be a very effective pitch if thrown for strikes. However, what gave me the most trouble as a hitter was facing a pitcher with 3 different speeds. That middle speed, usually a breaking ball, between the hard stuff and a changeup is very difficult to adjust to and usually leads to weak ground balls or popups. In my experience as a softball coach, there were too many pitchers who had pitching coaches who did not teach them the art of keeping a batter off balance. When Greg Maddox was asked by a reporter if he tried to throw harder on days he was struggling he replied-“just the opposite, I tried to throw slower”.
By ballcoach15
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Former LU pitcher now at Oklahoma was the losing pitcher today vs Louisiana.
Liberty's 2 freshmen pitchers (Love and Yoder) held Louisiana to 1 run. Love went 5 innings. Yoder came in with bases loaded in 6th, with no outs, and got a double play and strikeout to end the threat.
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