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By ballcoach15
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We win 5-4, in a game that shouldn't have been that close. Trailing 4-2 in bottom of 6th, Hudson hit a 3 run homer. We left 10 runners on base.
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By DStewart
At the beginning of the broadcast, Amber Bishop-Riley said Liberty needs to focus on being more consistent...with at-bats and defense. While I agree, I guess that's easier said than done.

I'm headed to the game today and hoping to snag one of those Dot bobbleheads!

By flamehunter
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Ladies get the 6-0 win today. Paige Bachman with a CG 2 hitter. Bats are starting to jingle a little bit. Hopefully they can keep improving and get smoking hot for the post-season.
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By Dalegarz1
Made it for the last 5 innings. Nice to sweep! Three defensive plays are worth noting. On the positive side, Howard made a tremendous play at shortstop-totally laid out to snag a ball up the middle and then on her hands and knees tagged second for the force. On the negative side were two outfield plays. A lack of communication between our CF and RF resulted in a dropped ball (after what appeared to be an outstanding catch) and a run scored. As a former coach the second one bothered me a great deal even though no damage was done. In KSU’s last at bat they were trailing by 2 with a runner on second base. In that situation, every outfielder should know that you keep the batter off of second on a base hit. Instead our left fielder threw to home allowing the batter to advance to second as the tying run. Lack of coaching or mental mistake by player?
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By ballcoach15
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We swept Kennesaw State, and our RPI dropped. We need to beat Clemson, VT, Charlotte and Alabama, and sweep all remaining ASUN teams. (Central Arkansas has RPI of 18)
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