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By flamehunter
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Just had lunch at Papa Gallo's - first time there and I was impressed. Dining was full and people were waiting to be seated. Great addition for a mall. That was also the first time I had been on that end of the mall in quite some time. The exterior is vastly improved aesthetically. I agree with @Cider Jim
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By alabama24
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LUOrange wrote: March 19th, 2023, 10:11 am Anyone know if they're still planning the outdoor amphitheater and ice skating rink?
As far as I know they have not announced it is not happening... so perhaps? If I remember correctly, it was scheduled out for a new phase.
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I was just up there a couple weeks ago. Hadn't been there since they tore down that wing that was to the side of the theater entrance. So obviously it's been quite a while.

Wasn't really much of anything up there to appeal to me - other than restaurants, which has been the case for probably over half my life at this point - but I do have to admit the aesthetic is very nice.

I think a good toy/comic/pop culture collectibles specialty store could do a killing there or somewhere else in the Wars/Candlers area. Lynchburg is fairly underserved in this regard, in my opinion. Unless there is some store I am not aware of.
cruzan_flame13 wrote: May 9th, 2023, 5:26 pm ... 0c937.html
They got a Zumiez now? Or is that coming soon?

Tthis fall will be THREE years since Dicks opened there? Wow time has really flown by. Feels like it just got there last fall!

I'm not the target market for Ulta by any stretch of the imagination being a guy, and a single one at that, but that's a big get. That was news to me.

Homegoods, same story. Went there last time I was at the mall to check it out because I had heard a lot about that store before it was even announced to come to the mall but knew nothing about it. Alas, also wasn't for me lol.

Of course, I'm not really in the target market of like 95% of what's at the mall outside of restaurants, but I do like the ambiance. Going to SeaQuest this upcoming week though!

An arcade potentially coming? Man those were the days growing up. Going to the arcade was an annual birthday tradition for me and my brother, will be cool to go to an arcade again for the nostalgia even though I've rarely been a gamer for a good 20 years now. Will be interesting to see how successful that is, stand alone arcades seem like a dead business model.

A Dave and Busters-type restaurant will be cool. I'd love to try an adult version of Chuck-E-Cheese/Showbiz.
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