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By cruzan_flame13
I think we should keep them for more combination option. How many schools use red, white and blue as primary? I don't mind a change; I know some folks don't like that at times :lol:

As for the president, I hope we have a candidate who may seem to be ultra political in the eyes of leadership, but will focus on spreading the Good News once they start in office. Politics is just how it sounds, poly-ticks. Just distraction and division, which we shouldn't be about. Although it cannot go comoletely away, I hope politics would be minimum in the further agendas of the future leadership. Some of the the bigger 'Protestant' names should not be given the role either. I hope this 'third part' form actually find someone who will truly benefit the school, faculty, students and alumni. Make those in leadership not expect the double take haha.
By tyndal23
LUOrange wrote: August 18th, 2022, 9:01 pm
Purple Haize wrote: August 18th, 2022, 8:43 pm
LUOrange wrote: August 18th, 2022, 8:06 pm At this point, I don't care who the next President is so long as he bans the use of all that ridiculous baby powder blue uniforms! On top of that eliminate all of the "secondary colors" and just go with the red, white and (navy) blue!
1. The lighter blue is growing on me
2. I believe you mean Tertiary color. Even though you listed 3 colors in your complaint
The Liberty Flames Podcast with the Marketing Team about the logo called the light blue, grey, and off-white our "secondary colors," and the red, white and (navy) blue as our primary colors. Either way, the secondary's need to go, especially that light blue!
Grey is fine baseball / softball - I agree 100% on banning the rest. iF you insist on baby blue - only with red lettering ( like last years baseball - occasionally as a gimmick ). - the navy, red, white, baby blue 4 color combo is garbage ( see the 2022 hockey uni reveal - Gross. )
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By Just John
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Sly Fox wrote: March 9th, 2022, 11:13 am As for Falwell v. Graham, the speculation has been rampant the past two years that Franklin was essentially behind exposing JLFJR in what could be described depnding on your perspective as a coup d'état with Prevo as his proxy. His son Will has certainly been significantly elevated in leadership on the board. That is just the rumor. Don't shoot the messenger.
I work for a marketing company with a niche in the Christian world. I was looking at Samaritan's Purse/BGEA the other day and I see Prevo is on the board. I've been around this world enough to be cynical. Not sure if it's the LU connection or if it's because Prevo is from Alaska. Franklin has gone to AK to hunt and fish for years. Now it's more convenient as he has a ministry there. Or, it could even be because Prevo is the best man for the job. :wink:
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By Just John
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Sly Fox wrote: March 9th, 2022, 11:13 am As for Falwell v. Graham, the speculation has been rampant the past two years that Franklin was essentially behind exposing JLFJR in what could be described depnding on your perspective as a coup d'état with Prevo as his proxy. His son Will has certainly been significantly elevated in leadership on the board. That is just the rumor. Don't shoot the messenger.

I would have loved to have seen what the search firm recommended. But apparently the board sees Prevo as the perfect fit. Of course, there is always that 2024 target for beginning a real search ... or is it 2025? Just consider it whenever Prevo has collected enough benjamins for his stellar leadership.

Just looking in our small circle of like-minded schools, here are some possibilities:

Paul McNulty - President, Grove City College
At 64, he's probably not a long-term solution. But he has tremendous legal credentials and eight years running a college.

Larry Arn - President, Hillsdale College
Being 69 years old essentially rules him out. But he has legitimate academic credentials and might be a pattern for the type of leader we want to attract.

Philip Ryken - President, Wheaton College
Oxford-educated bonafides as well his relatively young age of 55 make him an intriguing prospect. I am not sure if our board is ready to hire a Presbyterian pastor as our president.

Thomas White - President, Cedarville University
If I were a betting man, here's the guy that I suspect will be at the top of the board's wish list. He's young and has the SBC credentials the board would love from Southeastern & Southwestern Baptist Seminaries. But he does come with some baggage as well. He hired a buddy to come in as a prof at Cedarville fresh off of being fired in Fort Worth from his church for sexual misconduct. The Cedarville Board had White step down for a period of time while an investigation was conducted. He was eventually reinstated as president but not before some board members resigned.

Robert Sloan - President, Houston Baptist University
Too old for serious consideration but has fantastic credentials. Formerly ran Baylor University before being forced out for being too conservative theologically and politically. If he was 10 years younger ... never mind.

Jim Gash - President, Pepperdine University
Lawyer who has run his school for 3 years after serving in various university positions for several decades. He also has gained some attention for his legal work in Uganda helped to reform their court system. He's in his Mid '50s making him viable from that aspect. But good luck getting him to move from Malibu.

Barry Corey - President, Biola University
The first president ever hired from outside the Biola ranks, he has solid credentials getting his masters & doctorate from Boston College after undergrad at Evangel. That PhD came from BC in Curriculum, Instruction & Administration back in '92. He's been in academia ever since. He co-authored a book in 2020 with Russell Moore called, "Make the Most of It: A Guide to Loving your College Years". At 60 years old, he would seem to be in play with nearly 15 years as a university head.

Adam Greenway - President, Southwestern Baptist Seminary
A relatively young guy in his 40s with strong SBC credentials that the board would appreciate, Greenway did undergrad at Samford followed by MDiv at Southwestern then a PhD at Southern. He tacked on a Master of Non-Profit Administration at Notre Dame. He has ties to the Grahams from his Southern days. He checks quite a few boxes. But he's also the guy brought in when Paige Patterson was given the boot. That might be an issue for some of our board.

There are plenty of others who I am sure the seach firm has gone deep investigating. Daniel Akin at SEBTS is too old at 65. Al Mohler is 62 but would never get through the board process. He would clean them all out as quickly as possible. David Platt is 43 but is likely more chancellor material with only running churches and the IMB on his resume. Russell Moore is 50 with the credentials but come on ...
I like what I hear of the guy from Biola. Biola has been a very good academic school and seems to have a well-known focus on Apologetics.

Wheaton will probably be considered "too liberal" by some but it is known as the Evangelical Harvard.

As you mentioned Sly, it would be hard for the president of Pepperdine to leave Malibu. The campus is beautiful overlooking the Pacific.

Too bad the guy from Cedarville screwed up. Sounds good.
By paradox
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I haven't really taken this seriously until now. And will have to abandon all my lame jokes about it. But, on the positive side, it's always good to be patient when the situation calls for it.

Imagine if they acted hastily. Probably would've been a Graham or Falwell. Mostly because that's all we've ever known. Doesn't appear to be the case moving forward though.
By rhezick
ballcoach15 wrote: September 14th, 2022, 11:07 am Mike Pence might be a good candidate.
Obviously not happening, but at least we'd know that he would do the job assigned, and not succumb to pressure to do things that he shouldn't/can't.
By paradox
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Can't disagree with your analysis. However, if we're ever going to take over the world and set up our own unique fundy theocracy, then we're gonna have to extend those powers, right?

We need someone with legitimate academic prowess who has the skills and dual personality to take us to the next level. My recommendation is Prof Julius Kelp.
By paradox
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Moving all the way up to president from the dean position is quite a stretch. An even greater stretch is the suggestion that if offered, they'd actually turn it down.
By Humble_Opinion
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I think we're all kidding ourselves if you don't think there's at least a possibility of mutual interest between LU and Mike Pence. He doesn't really stand much of a chance in what is likely to be a crowded field of individuals pursuing the GOP nod for 2024. Yes, he is political and that would be ehhh. But Pence has a classy side to him, and has no problems professing his faith in an articulate manner. There have been other former politicians that have gone on to be quite successful at the helm of a large university. Mitch Daniels comes to mind.
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By stokesjokes
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Two questions about Mike:

1. Is his Catholicism an impediment? He espouses an interesting mix between Catholic and evangelical faith. I knew plenty of good ol' Baptist boys back in the day who would be very upset with a Catholic at the helm.

2. Do you think he called bank?
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By LUOrange
I wouldn't be bothered by a political figure being our president. But Mike Pence is not the guy I want, I'm definitely not a fan of his. I also think he would probably hurt us with many or most of our donors. However, I wouldn't be terribly upset with it. Thankfully, I don't think he'll be our president. He first has the need to fail miserably at running for the GOP Presidential nomination. I'll also add that I had no problem with him speaking at Convo whatsoever.
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By FlamesHighontheTide
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As much as I have loved Mike Pence's stand for life, he is in no way fit to lead LU as its next president. For Liberty to carry out the vision of being a school that puts Christ first overall then you could never hire a Catholic as the president nor a progressive/liberal "Christian" for that matter. I've said it before & I'll say it again Dr. Voddie Baucham atleast needs to get a call about the position. I would even reach out to Dr. Lee Brand from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary & see if he would be interested.
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