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I just heard that we are have completed our non conference schedule.
We are playing:
1) Savanah College of Art 2) Fork Union JV Team
3) Danville Community College.

Okay, I am kidding, but can we not go the Regent, Boyce route again this year (It is difficult to watch and doesn't help us for the most part)? I have heard that no one wants to play us at home (Really?) It just seems hard to believe that we are struggling this much to get teams to play us here. Would be great if we could get something going with other high level Christian schools such as GCU/Abilene Christian/Oral Roberts etc.

If we have to go lower level I would rather see us play high caliber D3 teams that would love the challenge of playing against us.

Think about where the schools you mention are, though. That’s a long and expensive trip for a mid-to-low tier mid-major school. I’m sure they’d say the same about us. Heck, the ASUN isn’t even mid-major, it’s low-major.

If we keep our trajectory, we will get more decent regional OOC games. Our conference move should help too. It’s a slow process to build reputation and relationships, but our athletic department is well situated to do so.
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Looking at past schedules it looks like we typically only have around 6 nonconference home games a year. Especially now that we are moving up to c-usa and are officially a "mid major" it doesn't seem unreasonable to schedule regional sunbelt, A10 or even some mac schools to home and home deals. I believe we've probably asked these schools and they've said no but I don't understand why, the other sports don't seem to have as much of an issue with scheduling.
Liberty_2023 wrote: June 29th, 2022, 4:10 pm We play at Missouri this year right?
I'm pretty sure that Missouri was a HOME game for us! :shock:
Yes, I'm very excited to see us playing ORU. This will not be an easy game but I don't want easy games. This will be a good test for us. Would love to get one or two more games like this in the pre-conference season.
By ATrain
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I'd love to get VCU, Richmond, George Mason, and ODU on the schedule. That would improve our SOS and, provided we win, our RPI.

ORU is going to be an awesome matchup. Definitely a quality mid-major.
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By tyndal23
ATrain wrote: August 19th, 2022, 6:51 pm I'd love to get VCU, Richmond, George Mason, and ODU on the schedule. That would improve our SOS and, provided we win, our RPI.

ORU is going to be an awesome matchup. Definitely a quality mid-major.
Since we sold our FB program down the river for our other sports, getting those teams to schedule us now we are in a “ multi bid “ hoops conference ( once a decade - before 9 teams left ) should be a piece of cake.
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By LUOrange
CUSA 4.0's overall NET rating is pretty good at the mid-major level. Higher than most (including the Belt and the MAC) and significantly better than the ASUN. I don't know the validity of this, but CNSbbs posters had claimed VCU dropped ODU from their schedule due to them going to the Belt with a lower NET rating than CUSA. If this is true, our non-conference scheduling should improve so long as McKay can keep this ship sailing.

As far as us joining CUSA, I understand you didn't like it. I hate and don't completely understand or agree with our non-conference scheduling. But let it go.
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By Ill flame
https://www.aseaofred.com/liberty-relea ... e-schedule
There was a time where I thought we weren’t going to be able to fill the maximum amount that we were allowed to play because we literally could not get any regional games whether home and home, guarantees,” McKay explained. “We couldn’t, that became a little concerning.
Why does it seem like men's basketball is the only ones with this issue? I understand that we are the type of program P6 teams actively avoid but I would assume we would be an attractive resume building opponent for sunbelt and other regional programs. Maybe that'll change next year when we are C-USA.
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