The guys aren't the only ones swinging bats in the spring. You can follow the squad throughout the season and even get the latest on recruiting.

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By Dalegarz1
Last night I finally went to the LU softball webpage to read about the final game. Before reading the article (which I never got to) I decided to watch DR's press conference following the elimination game. My wife and I were blown away by what we heard. As a former college softball coach, I haven't always agreed with some of her decisions involving strategy or lineups. Put that totally aside! We have the BEST possible coach who's faith is contagious and boldness to speak about it publicly is a model for all of us. I mentioned to my brother-in-law (college baseball coach) that I thought that every christian coach should be required to watch that presser. You talk about the right perspective-yes I was convicted and, at the same time, so ecstatic that LU is so blessed to have her on staff. Just listen to what she identified as the biggest win this year! Amen, coach.
You embody 2Timothy1:8. "So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord..."
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By Cider Jim
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Link to the press conference?
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By Cider Jim
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Dot's presser literally brought tears to my eyes. Our greatest victory? Lou Allan becoming a Christian and being baptized!
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