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By alabama24
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What would have happened if we had started on the 25 on these drives:

Syracuse Game
Shedro Louis return for 11 yds to the Liber 8
Shedro Louis return for 11 yds to the Liber 5

UL Monroe Game
Shedro Louis return for 20 yds to the Liber 20
Shedro Louis return for 8 yds to the Liber 12
Shedro Louis return for 12 yds to the Liber 16
Duron Lowe return for 18 yds to the Liber 21
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By Purple Haize
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Has there ever been a Good return?
By paradox
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Obviously, we missed Demario Douglas in more ways than one. Keep in mind, he was injured hurdling a player on special teams. Nevertheless, he's far too valuable to the offense this season. Special teams can wait. DD has pro-caliber receiving skills. However, special teams is his potential ticket to the NFL, only because of how they evaluate according to size.

So, that's one dimension that we don't talk about much....all the scouts in attendance to see Malik up close. It impacts our guys and it impacts their guys. Moving forward, we gotta do what's in the best interest of the offense.
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By Purple Haize
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alabama24 wrote: October 18th, 2021, 7:05 am Don’t care. Starting at the 25 consistently is more important.
My point being if these were aberrations or not. If ST is consistently giving the offense the ball at that yardage then, yeah, that’s a problem and someone needs to swallow their ego and wave their arm
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