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By jmclaughlin
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Line is weird...Down to 5 and then jumps 6.5 in 3 hours after being fixed at 6 for 3 days

Someone knows something
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By Just John
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LUalum12 wrote: September 21st, 2021, 3:36 pm IMO TJ Green should start. He is clearly the best option we have at RB.
No doubt. I'm not sure why it took until the last couple of plays of the 1st qtr for him to see action and Mack got many more touches although Green had almost twice the avg yards per carry. Hopefully we will see more of him.
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By paradox
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There are many ways to lose a game. Hopefully, we survive, and come out with the W. SU will be tough, though. Should be a fun game.
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By cruzan_flame13
TH Spangler wrote: September 24th, 2021, 4:21 pm
I’m on the record saying this before, and I’m not afraid to reiterate it. I don’t think Liberty Flames QB Malik Willis is as good as some think. ... -orange-qb
The last comment from the comment section:
Willis ain’t Lamar.

He’s honestly more like Dungey –
Big dude, elusive, makes things happen outta broken plays, but isn’t an elite athlete, and has a good, but not amazing arm.

The 3-3-5 should allow us to have a guy with at least equal speed chasing him, rather than a DL.

IF he’s able to run amok, we lose. Period.
IF we can keep him fairly contained, and force him to beat us with his arm, we have an excellent chance to pull off the W.
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By cruzan_flame13
For those who are not subscribed with ACCN network, I have found a love stream which looks good to watch the game:

#FanEm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
By ballah09
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All SU doing is options and screens. You'd think with our offense they'd be ready for it but our lines are getting pushed around and add that our WRs cant get open, minus the last drive when they went into zone.
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