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By ballah09
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In Troy’s post game press conference, they said that they notice Babir kicks are low and more of a line drive, so they stacked the one side side. Leading to a block. I don’t know if we need to move on to a new kicker or try and fix his technique because I’m sure other teams are going to do the same thing.
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By flameshaw
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olldflame wrote: September 12th, 2021, 11:32 am
LibertyMan wrote: September 12th, 2021, 10:18 am
Just John wrote: September 11th, 2021, 7:45 pm Green is clearly our best RB
I wonder what's going on with Mack. Nearly 1000 yards past 2 seasons. TJ Green is a bit reckless. Need to keep his feet on the ground. Injured right shoulder game 1 and seem to favor it last night. Louis is quick but can't take a lot of hits. If Mack gets back to last season's form, we will have a 3 headed monster. Willis can't keep bailing the team out by running. What's going on with the O-Line???
Mack has always been a "patient" runner who likes to follow his blockers and wait for an opening. It has worked pretty well for him the last couple of years, but not so much thus far in 2021.
Mack has never been very good. He is too patient and is slow for a RB. I was excited when he came to LU, until I saw him play. 8)
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By Kricket
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Ill flame wrote: September 12th, 2021, 12:36 pm Image
Thanks I'll Flame. Good info.

I was trying to get ballcoach to respond with an answer, since he's been so critical of every single ranking system he's ever seen.
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By Kricket
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ballcoach15 wrote: September 12th, 2021, 12:54 pm I pay no attention to FPI, but I'll guess ESPN and FPI had Florida State beating Jacksonville State yesterday . (Even with 6 seconds left)
Considering it took a 60 yard touchdown with 6 seconds left to win that game for Jacksonville State, every sane person would have guessed FSU would have won at that point.
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By Ill flame
ballah09 wrote: September 12th, 2021, 1:32 pm In Troy’s post game press conference, they said that they notice Babir kicks are low and more of a line drive, so they stacked the one side side. Leading to a block. I don’t know if we need to move on to a new kicker or try and fix his technique because I’m sure other teams are going to do the same thing.
He's got the leg. They should have him move a couple yards farther back and kick normally. There's no point trying to change his technique now.
By Dalegarz1
Just being honest here-I was sitting on my couch watching MW run for his life and was pleading with HF to call a screen pass. Not a bubble screen, but the conventional type. He finally did and we didn't execute it. He mentioned in the press conference that he thought it would be a TD. Looked to me like MW hurried the pass. The one run for a first down when Malik had to reverse fields was defended extremely well by Troy. Only his athleticism got us the first down. When we go empty set and only need a few yards it almost always is a designed run for MW. I'm a huge fan of HF but he can call a better game than he did against Troy.
By ALAFlamesFan
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olldflame wrote: September 12th, 2021, 7:11 am
Kricket wrote: September 12th, 2021, 6:59 am
ALAFlamesFan wrote: September 11th, 2021, 11:37 pm We are going to get beat if we keep this up. D is looking better than last year. O not so much. Good news is we have a few weeks to get better.
We are a 3rd year bowl eligible team. ESPNs FPI has us as at 6.6 wins this season. Is your expectation to be undefeated? I mean, I'd love to to undefeated, but that's a fairly lofty target.
I would say the chances are indeed good we are going to get beat at some point this year, whether it is at Ole Miss or this Saturday against ODU. I fail to see anything going into this game or coming out of it that indicates this was anything but a solid win, on the road, with multiple players out injured or quarantined. Beat the Trojans. Beat the spread. Win, win.

Hopefully we will have most of the O-linemen who were out back Saturday. ODU is not as good a football team as Troy, but we still need to TCB.
Solid win. Not taking that away. Yes, I do know there is a game against ODU. As noted above, Troy was/is better. Next big test imo is UAB away as they christen the new stadium. Not taking anything away from the next two opponents but we need all our offensive weapons and a kicking game moving forward. And yes, I do expect 3 losses or less this year. Preferably, 2 or less. Everyone is well aware of conference realignment is going on and this is not the year to go 7-6.

I trust that the staff and players all know what they are doing. I am just hoping we continue to improve the next few weeks and would love to be undefeated going into Ole Miss.
By LibertyMan
jinxy wrote: September 12th, 2021, 1:05 pm Mack needs good oline play. Thus far our o line play has not been as good as last year. We will need all 3. Green is the most complete by far.

I have to disagree! Mack has established himself as FCS and FBS leader over his career. Green has some potential and ability, but he is young and did nothing at the collegiate level prior to coming to Liberty. If I were in a football dog fight, I would take Mack any day of the week. I think the rust is off, now he just needs some reps. Even with limited carries, he's still leading rusher behind Willis. I wouldn't be so quick to quit on Mack. I'm not sold on Green yet. We haven't seen him in a dog fight yet. And Shedro is averaging about 17 yards per game and he's being used as our 3rd down back. I think Freeze needs to take control of the RB room and get things back in order. It's obvious that RBCJ is not making good decisions in the run-game scheme.

Still believe the line will be fine. Frith lofton and field goal kicking are going to make or break us along with keeping malik upright.
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