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If the report of Becki and the band member in 2008 is correct, and if at the time she told a friend Jerry would’ve been more upset he didn’t get to watch and that he had a thing for her and his students, then the answer to that question is yes.
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By flameshaw
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Jonathan Carone wrote: June 4th, 2021, 10:29 pm The Becki and band member story apparently happened in 2008. That’s hard to even wrap my brain around because it’s so different from the people I thought I knew at the time.
Not the first or last time that will happen. It just does.
By paradox
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JK37 wrote: June 5th, 2021, 7:14 pm Are you saying he was always bad, and was just eventually exposed?
From the beginning, lacked essential leadership qualities needed in order to be completely legitimate. Also, the character issues were obviously not compatible with the position he inherited.
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By paradox
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I get that. And if you're saying that children of Christian parents, can look the part, and that they may be more careful while those parents are living. Then yeah. And who really knows what's inside a person. But, you don't inherit Christ from your parents. Not the real thing. You have to make that connection independently.

What most are trying to say, they know either first hand or from older students who would have recollections. Junior was an actual dorm student. That's real transparency. People draw conclusions from that. Hopefully, not to judge, but to try to understand, as you said.
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