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By LUconn
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This is a more in depth interview of the rape victim that we heard on gangster capitalism. I'm putting this link in this thread because they go into detail about their face to face meeting with Jonathan. He does not need to be in charge of anything at that school.
By LUconn
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There's a lot of things in this that everyone should hear (like the Godwin seemingly bizarre relationship) but that meeting discussion starts at about 41 minutes.
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By Jonathan Carone
I read through parts of the transcript but haven't listened yet.

I think it's totally possible Jonathan never saw those initial emails. He probably had an assistant who determined which emails made it to his desk and which ones didn't.

That said, the fact the emails didn't get to his desk show a massive problem in our systems and the way we do things. Jonathan was a board member being alerted about a rape on campus. There's absolutely no reason that shouldn't have made it to his eyes when it was first sent.

I don't have nearly the problem with Jonathan I have with his brother, but at this point the negligence on his part - whether willful, unknowingly, or both - is enough for me to not want him in a significant role at Liberty. I can't speak for TRBC, but there's enough there to disqualify him from Liberty.
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