If roundball is your blood, this is the place to discuss the Flames as they move into the Ritchie McKay era for the 2nd time.

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By Sly Fox
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While I agree with you, Olldflame, I believe his Twitter background shows why we have a puncher's chance.


A great deal has changed since his parents made their college choices back when it was Big Blue or Denny's Crew. In light of the offers dropping, I am a bit surprised that we haven't pulled the trigger already. He apparently faces fellow 2023 prospect GW3 regularly during his HS season in addition to summer ball.
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By CThomp3
He and North Laurel played a couple games today and Juwan Howard, Tony Bennett, and Wes Miller were all in attendance, with Virginia staying for both games. Would love to see the Flames get that offer out there sooner rather than later.
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