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By Purple Haize
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Appomattox got some tough news today. You will not find a finer man or a classier individual. How he rebounded after a bad experience at a local school to find unparalleled success in Appomattox is truly a testament to his integrity and fortitude. Mrs Purple has worked with him at 2 separate schools and has seen him handle success and betrayal with class and grace. He will handle this as well. Prayer for him and his family
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By lynchburgwildcats
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I tried out for the Heritage football team in 9th grade when he was an assistant coach on the team. Hated it and quit after a week. I had no interaction with him from then until I was a senior and took a computer science class he taught, and miraculously he remembered me. And I do mean no interaction, not even a passing wave or high, absolutely nothing. One of the most impressive things I have ever seen.

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