The most successful program on Liberty Mountain deserves its own forum. We give Coach Green and the Lady Flames their props while breaking down their run to the Big Dance once again.

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By ballah09
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Jerry admits that he doesn’t know the percentage that are residential. He also said that McDowell (sp?) doesn’t know who McClaurin is even though he posted on Twitter receipts to show that was a lie.
By Whatisthetruth
JR also claimed the nightclub pictures were photoshopped. In an interview, when discussing the email where he called a student physically retarded, he claimed he didn't even know what that meant despite the fact he was the one who wrote the email. When giving his son a contract to manage the Plaza he stated nobody else wanted to manage the shopping center but he never opened it up to a bidding process. Nobody dares to challenge him, therefore whatever he says is 'truth' inside the LU bubble. The alumni, faculty, staff, and current students deserve far better.
By LUDad
In the past when I accepted a new job and it was not working because of conflicts, it was my job to either get with the program or work to make it better from within. If neither was possible, it was my job to get another job where the fit was better. It was not my job to denigrate the company or personal because I made a poor choice to take the position.

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