Anything and everything about Liberty Flames football. Your comments on games, recruiting and the direction of the program as we move into new era.

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By DestinationBass
SumItUp wrote: August 17th, 2019, 12:56 pm
A Sea of Red wrote: August 17th, 2019, 11:31 am HCHF is a huge Nike guy
I know this is the football thread, but RMK is also a Nike guy. I don't see LU leaving Nike.
If I’m not mistaken, RMK in his first time here was the reason we are Nike to start with.
By ballah09
There's pics of the football team wearing Jordan brand gear. More teams are signing with Jordan.
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By Jonathan Carone
I like the sleeves and numbers of the old jersey better but the neck and Liberty of the new ones. I can see the numbers growing on me as I see more of them. I’d like to see the rounded numbers (0, 5, 6, 8) before making a full judgment on that.

I also like the eagle helmets better. The one color monogram is my least favorite version of any of our logos. The depth and shading is what makes the monogram not suck.
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By jinxy
I like the new white one. Not as big a fan of the red helmet. I do like the new white jerseys. Hope were not totally scrapping blue. Now i would love the blue matte with white logo.
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By Jonathan Carone
If it’s a blue matte helmet with white monogram outlined in red, I can get on board with that. Or even red outlines in white. Just need it two color so all three colors are represented.
By LUOrange
So basically, the white is the same version as last year's new red ones. Hopefully, we'll do a blue one as well. However, I don't like them. I like what we had last year and the reds we used in 2017. The new helmets suck. We should've left the unis alone.
By tyndal23
LU logo is key for branding and looks FBS - Eagle looks great in pics but not so much on TV and it sort of always looked like a cheap sticker on the red helmets with shiny sticker on a matte helmet. Need to see better pics of the red with LU and how they look on TV. I like the simpler more traditional uni’s and think players look bigger in them than busy ones - so giving a thumbs up on the pic of the all white ( even though the lighting sucks and hard to tell ). Throw out the blue helmets and just swap blue face masks and LU on the white helmets - looks tight with blue jersey.
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It’s clear that some people like to think critiquing makes them look more educated. Don’t be fooled by that. These jerseys are very nice. Much more modern and an upgrade from the previous.

Less small details on helmet is great for TV and showcasing our branding. Think of how often you have to squint to point out small details while watching something on tv - these one color logos are great (on the white helmet moreso than the red helmet).

The white jerseys remind me a bit of SMU but that’s understandable with same colors.

Think how many of the most recognizable logos in the world and college football are most shown (or exclusively) as one color logos. If you can make your brand known by just one color, you’re winning.

I personally love one color, solid numbers and letters on jerseys, but these are cool with me. That’s just total bias though.
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By Cider Jim
I prefer the LU logo on the helmets over the abstract eagle, and I really like the red belt on the pants--nice detail. :clapping
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By Jonathan Carone
SoD BAS wrote: August 25th, 2019, 10:19 pm Think how many of the most recognizable logos in the world and college football are most shown (or exclusively) as one color logos. If you can make your brand known by just one color, you’re winning.
This is the correct take, but it points out the biggest flaw in our logo:

It was designed to be full color.

It wasn't designed like the iconic logos you're talking about where they started with black and white to make sure it worked great in one color. Those logos were designed with the print (newspaper) market in mind first and then the color was added to them once it worked in those situations.

Our logo was designed to look great on screens and in full color and then stripped back to make the one-color work.

I think what is missing is the outline that you see on the full logo. That gives it depth and contrast. This is super crude, but gives you the idea of what I'm talking about:


If they would've done the gradient (which looks incredible) and added the stroke, I think it could've been the best helmet we've ever had.
By thepostman
I have always hated the eagle logo so I think the reason why I like the new helmets so much is that we appear to be going away from that for the most part. I don't have anything else to sound remotely intelligent about this topic. Just an opinion, haha.
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By jinxy
That outline does make a huge difference. Nice work. Maybe we will incorporate that. I dont know the ins and outs of this stuff but i can tell what looks good and what doesnt ha.
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By flamesfilmguy
R i wrote: August 17th, 2019, 1:16 pm Is Georgia Tech still Russell athletic? Maybe that’s why FFG is calling Multi year multi million dollar deals endangered.

I’m not claiming to be an expert in the field, but according to every google search I’ve done P5 schools all average over 2 million per year from apparel deals.

It’s still huge business and the multi million multi year contracts are getting bigger not endangered.
I know you are trolling and I'm fine with that you do you. No Adidas is picking up the major schools that nike has dumped since Nike has been only signing Basketball/Football deals. Washington is one of them. Washington is going to be the west coast flag ship school for Adidas since they are close to Adidas American headquarters in Portland. GT was one that Adidas picked up and had an offer on the table from both Nike and Under Armor. They lost all negotiation leverage when Under Armor pulled out because they couldn't afford the contract they offered and Nike would only sign on for football and basketball. Hence why their Adidas deal is dwarfed by others that have signed recently. Also a thing to remember is GT has 14 sports. Washington has 21. The 8 million a year difference in Cash/Product per year is part of that. The number is also inflated because the product number is significantly higher. Thats what people don't understand about these deals. Most of that big number you see is in product not cash. forgive me for trying to enlighten people on the ins and outs of collegiate apparel deals. Carry on with your trolling.
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By R i
Thank you for the insight into Georgia Tech's deal. These apparel deals are getting more valuable not less valuable for colleges. That is why I disagreed originally. Its not becoming endangered, its still a growing market.
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By chris leedlelee
To be honest, I loved the screaming eagle on the helmet. While I know displaying the LU brand on the helmets is important in broadcasts, I will miss the eagle logo. Not a fan of the LIBERTY in the center of the jersey, it is too large. Reminds me of the Cleveland Browns jerseys that everyone hated. I also hope they roll out a blue jersey to go along with the white and red ones.
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By flamesfilmguy
R i wrote: August 26th, 2019, 10:32 am Thank you for the insight into Georgia Tech's deal. These apparel deals are getting more valuable not less valuable for colleges. That is why I disagreed originally. Its not becoming endangered, its still a growing market.
If you are counting Cash AND product then sure. but the product number is for the most part a benefit to the apparel company. Everything we buy with our "product allotment" is at MSRP where as if we were to pay cash for a product the cost would be at 50% off MSRP. For example a polo purchased in cash by the school for a coach would be $35 (add in a few $ for embroidery) than if we purchased it with our allotment of product where it would be $70 roughly. So That 11.9 Million (9 of which is product allotment for UW) doesn't stretch as far. now multiply that by the thousands for each item of apparel purchased by the school. These apparel deals used to be great for the school as a budget setter along with conference TV $ and a backstop so that fundraising/ticket sales etc could be used for more elaborate capital projects scholarship funding etc.(see Clemson/oregon etc) That money is going down these days as the product number goes up. and With nike only holding now just a few FULL head to toe deals around the country there are really only two other players for schools who aren't perennial national contenders. There is a reason VT, Pitt, Wake etc aren't full Nike. heck UVA isn't even full nike and Their baseball team wears no nike other than their cleats because they don't get the $ or product from nike that they used to because they are only interested in basketball and football.
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1) Big time agree on the depth/outline points Jonathan has made about the LU. The gradient looks great though.
2) I love the eagles we had on the helmets last year.
3) Also think the Liberty on the chest is too big and that the previous numbers were better, but my mind is open on the number change.
4) Staight up don't like the sleeve lines, but all for numbers not being on the sleeves so I'll take them.
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Totally fair assessment, Carone. I’m not big on gradients in logos but agree with what you said. Good points.
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By R i
Sleeves are going away.

Fair enough. Haha

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