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By phoenix
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The disc golf GOAT (Paul McBeth) and his wife (LU grad Hannah McBeth), the Ultimate legend Brodie Smith, and a couple LU disc golf standouts playing in and around Williams Stadium.

By phoenix
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I have actually played in a tournament set up similar to this on campus at Cider's alma mater of Marshall. They are a LOT of fun (and I got my first ever ace there last year).

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By LU 57
Class of 20Something wrote: February 5th, 2020, 9:26 pm I've been waiting for this to drop. After he showed at the basketball game I knew something was coming.
Was that last Saturday? I saw people playing disc golf on the soccer field but I left before the basketball game?
By phoenix
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I just think it's awesome that with all the names in the video, the two guys from Foundation Disc Golf ended up crushing it.

And Alex Probert in the comments -- " if you ever want to do a kicker vs frisbee trick shot video you know who to call"
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