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Team Results So Far (2 rounds left)
Liberty A is in third place in the Champion division at -27, only 2 shots behind Michigan and Georgia A. Liberty B is back in 9th place at -24.
Liberty C is in 2nd place in the First Flight division at -21, 2 behind Cincinnati.
Liberty 4 is in 2nd place in the Second Flight division at -22, only one shot behind NC State's D team.
The Liberty Women's team is currently tied for 7th with Missouri S&T.

Individual rounds for Champion division and 2nd Flight division have not been played yet.
In the First Flight division, Liberty's James DeFriese is in 3rd place with a -7 today. Matthew Alexander is in a tie for 5th just 2 shots behind him. You can see the scoring from this division at uDisc ( ... tab=scores)
In the Women's division, Liberty's Hannah Miller is in a tie for 6th place at +12 after the first round. Scoring can be seen for this group --> ... tab=scores
Day 3 scoring update:

Championship division -- Stephen Curry is tied for 9th at -10, 7 shots back. Isaac Frazier is in 19th at -8, Spencer Ellingson is also at -8, and Justin Rosak is in 31st at -3. Liberty's A team (Rosak and Curry) is tied for 4th place, only 3 shots behind the leaders, Georgia. Liberty's B team (Ellingson and Frazier) is one shot behind them in a tie for 6th.

The scorecards

First Flight - James DeFriese is in 3rd at -7, and Matthew Alexander is in 5th at -5. Cincinnati holds the first two spots in individual competition. Liberty C is tied for 1st at -29.

Live scoring wasn't available for First Flight, it looks like.

Second Flight - Cameron Guidry is at -7, leading the pack by 1 over Brandon Bauguess of NC State. Logan Wise is in a tie for 7th at -2, Axel Routh is in 10th at -1, Noah Bailey is in 14th at +1, Carson Cole and Andrew Sherwood are in 19th at +3, Daniel Waid is in 25th at +4, Clay Moore and Luke Wilburn are tied at +6 in 36th place, Parker Freeman is in 41st at +7, and Hunter Ayers and Evan Olivio are tied at +13 in 58th place. Looks like I would be about 58th too, based on round ratings. In the team standings for Second Flight, Liberty 4 is in 3rd place, Liberty 7 is in 5th, Liberty 6 is in 13th, Liberty 8 is in 16th, Liberty 5 is in 24th, and Liberty 9 is in 30th.

The scorecard

Liberty has one woman competing this year -- Hannah Miller is in 7th place at +9
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