They've got their own ice on campus and a history of competing with all comers. So its time they had their own board as well.
By BuryYourDuke
#547085 The men come into Nationals ranked #10, on a 19 game win streak, and are regular season and tournament ESCHL champs. They take on #7 and reigning National Champs Central Oklahoma Saturday (March 10) at 5pm. Game is streamed live on YouTube.

Is this the season Coach Handy's squad breaks through with a deep run? This is a VERY tough round of 16 draw for the Flames. However, this is the most balanced LU team in a long time, and ESCHL tournament MVP Cole Burack is the best Liberty netminder in more than a decade.

Those of you who follow LU hockey, bring your discussion here. (Ready for the articles get a lot of hits on ASOR, but those people don't seem to come around here).
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By Sly Fox
#547096 Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't realized the tournament was upon us. If you provide the links, I will endeavor to click on them at the appropriate time.
By rogers3
#547109 I've been going to their website because I never see anything posted here. That being said, I would tend to read rather than post.
In my younger years I had hockey players work for me and I roomed with several. I don't get to many games, but I do follow and love to see them do well. I think Handy played with one or two of my roommates.
By BuryYourDuke
#547176 I played with Handy. Who were your roommates?
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By Class of 20Something
#547203 LU 0 - 1 Central Oklahoma 13:32 2P
By BuryYourDuke
#547221 Great hockey game. Liberty played very well against a national championship caliber team. Tough loss to swallow, but hopefully the guys will learn from it and be ready to get over the hump next season.

A quick note on next season, the ESCHL is losing Rutgers and West Chester. Pretty consistently the two worst teams in the conference. So next season the league goes to a play everyone 4 times format. It's going to make the schedule tougher, cutting some dead weight.

Additionally, they have some pretty tough out of conference games scheduled. Less blowouts at the LIC in 2018-19. Should be great hockey.