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I love that ballpark.Wish I was in a position to make a run down there to catch a game.
A few end-of-year MiLB statistics for recent Flames:

Will Wagner (ROK, AA, AAA) - .337 AVG, .420 OBP, .917 OPS with some "Pacific Coast League Player of the Week" honors. Currently sitting at #15 in the Astros' prospect rankings and likely the closest Flame prospect to the MLB.

Mason Fluharty (A+, AA) - 3.28 ERA in 48 games and 57.2 IP. 75 Ks and 23 BBs with a WHIP of 1.37.

Fraser Ellard (ROK, AA) - Injury plagued season, finished with a 7.17 ERA and a WHIP of 1.73. 30 Ks, 12 BBs in 21.1 IP.

Dylan Cumming (A) - 2.93 ERA and 1.36 WHIP. 86 Ks and 36 BBs across 92 IP and 34 games.

Noah Skirrow (AAA) - 5.84 ERA across 101.2 IP and 24 games. 79 K to 53 BBs and a WHIP of 1.76.
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For obvious reasons involving his dad, Will gets outsized attention in Houston for performance this summer. He'll get an opportunity in Spring to impress the MLB staff.
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