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Tournament time! Despite the up-and-down year, the RPI-friendly format of the ASUN tourney means Liberty gets just as favorable of a draw as if they'd run the table in conference play. Step 1 is surviving Pool A, which should require two wins. It appears Tepper is getting the nod in game 1 after throwing one inning to close the Bellarmine series, with Horn likely taking the mound for game 2. On the year, Liberty went 1-2 on the road against our fellow LU, 1-2 on the road in an error-filled slugfest against FGCU, and did not play the dolphins.

HCSJ mentioned there's almost less pressure when you're not worried about preserving RPI for an at-large bid throughout the tournament. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!
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By jmclaughlin
Nice win today! The holes in this team are vast. Winning the ASUN tournament will be quite the feat for a team that is just so young and injuries have depleted the depth. LU has to play top level D and need the bullpen to throw strikes to make it happen.
Regardless how this shakes out, the building blocks for a solid 2-3 year run are there.
FGCU takes down Lipscomb, which, if my math is correct, secures Liberty a bid in the semis regardless of the outcome tomorrow. As it stands, everyone in Pool A has played two games:
  • FGCU: 2-0
  • JU: 1-1 (Win over Liberty, loss to FGCU)
  • LIBERTY: 1-1 (Win over Lipscomb, loss to JU)
  • Other LU: 0-2
The top three from Pool A move on. If Jacksonville beats Lipscomb tomorrow, Lipscomb falls to 0-3 and Liberty advances. If Lipscomb wins and Liberty loses to FGCU, then JU, Liberty, and Lipscomb all finish 1-2 with wins over each other. I believe original seeding is the secondary tiebreaker, which would mean the two LUs move on and the dolphins head home.

In that case, tomorrow can be a rest day for the pitching staff. With Tepper only throwing two innings on Tuesday, the pitching staff could be well rested and ideally aligned for the semis and onward.
By Chippy
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Hopefully, they have developed a vaccine for the HBP virus, the BB virus and the WP virus that seems to have infected our staff this year, and especially in this tournament :)
Onward to a rematch with Lipscomb! Between a Lipscomb team who had to fight for a spot and pitch their ace today and a scorching hot Jacksonville State team, I think this is the better draw. How about the new stud closer, Gray Betts? 1.0 IP, 0 R, 0 B, 1 K for a 2023 ERA of 0.00. Maybe 2B was the wrong position all along 8)

Albeit not against top FGCU arms, today was hopefully a nice confidence boost for the bats. Simmons is having quite a tournament and it's great to see the middle of the order (Hillier/Troyer/Hudson) make some loud contact. Of note, the play-by-play announcer stated "Nick" Lazzaro is not on the roster. I hadn't heard anything to that effect, but it seems Simmons is the guy the rest of the way.
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By aredd33
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Today’s performance by Horn was remarkably disappointing. I didn’t get to watch but it’s almost like he’s hurt or there is some other type of issue.
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By aredd33
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We were unable to recover from the 5 run first for Lipscomb. Our season is over.
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By LUOrange
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I didn't think we'd get out of the ASUN Tourney. It's disappointing, especially since we're so used to success with baseball. But on the positive notes, we have some stud freshmen that'll only be better next season and we're officially done with the ASUCK!
By ballah09
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It was disappointing to see how much our pitching sucked this year. I know Williams is one of the best pitching coaches in D1 but just about every pitcher had control issues and there was no improvement. Hopefully the pitching lab will somewhat help.

Next year we’ll have Gibson back from injury, Tepper, Horn, and a stud Ole Miss transfer in Bryce Dolby. Hopefully we can get everyone back healthy and on track with their command.
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