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By jinxy
#561676 Should be dropped soon. Ive seen home and away with vt and road 3 game series against south carolina early.
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By A Sea of Red
#561678 Other games that have been confirmed:

3/5 vs Virginia Tech 3p
3/13 vs Virginia 3p
3/26 @ Virginia Tech 4p
4/9 vs Richmond
4/12-4/14 vs Stetson
4/23 @ Virginia 6p
By ballcoach15
#561698 Good to see baseball schedule, even if it is just bits and pieces.

(hopefully, softball isn't far behind)
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By A Sea of Red
#561703 Full schedule just released

2/15-17 @ South Carolina
2/19 vs Wake Forest
2/22-2/24 vs Delaware
2/26 @ Tennessee
3/1-3/3 vs Maine
3/5 vs Virginia Tech
3/8-3/10 @ South Florida
3/13 vs Virginia
3/15-3/17 vs Hofstra
3/19 vs North Carolina
3/22-3/24 vs NJIT
3/26 @ Virginia Tech
3/29-3/31 vs North Florida
4/2 @ Elon
4/5-4/7 @ North Alabama
4/9 vs Richmond
4/12-4/14 vs Sterson
4/16 @ Wake Forest
4/18-4/20 vs NC A&T
4/23 @ Virginia
4/26-4/28 @ Jacksonville
4/30 @ North Carolina
5/3-5/5 @ Kennesaw State
5/8 @ Duke
5/10-5/12 vs Lipscomb
5/14 vs Duke
5/16-5/18 @ FGCU
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By Sly Fox
#561705 The power of FlameFans lives even beyond the name change!
By jinxy
#561718 We better be ready to play. Thats the most difficult schedule ive seen us play. Tougher conference, 10 home and home acc games, 4 road sec games.

Usf and delaware could be decent as well.
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By Class of 20Something
Jonathan Carone wrote:Whoa.

Could the fan base ask for more? That's magnificent.
By oldflame
#561752 Magnificent.......... Maybe. Or you could describe it with another word that begins with M.

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By cruzan_flame13
oldflame wrote:Magnificent.......... Maybe. Or you could describe it with another word that begins with M.

Masochistic. definitely went left on that one lol. Schedule looks nice and it will be tough for sure. Hope those boys are preparing well for this season.