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By ballcoach15
#555829 NCAA now allows Division 1 teams to play 2 fall games without having them count against spring schedule. I hope we schedule 2 games at home.
By ballcoach15
#556180 Rumor Control says we play at UVA on September 21 at 6:00 p.m. and Longwood visits LU on September 29 at 12:00.
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By Cider Jim
#556250 Sources, ballcoach? :fineprint
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By Cider Jim
#556263 Purple and I know what that means! :exactly
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By Cider Jim
#558430 Concessions opened or closed?
#558875 4-2 bottom ninth..we have 10 hits they have 4...pitching for us looks good so far
#558877 Ok so after official 9 innings it’s a 4-4 game...we went into 9th with a 4-1 lead on a solid pitching and hitting performance...somehow it fell apart...10 hits LU 5 hits UVA
#558880 12 innings
LU 6 UVA 4

Solid performance for a fall exhibition game. I feel we beat them solidly on both sides of the ball. Impressive performance by the pitchers we ran out today. I think Wagner led the offensive charge with 3 or 4 hits.
By oldflame
ballcoach15 wrote:Reminds me of LU-Longwood softball game Thursday. Fell apart in final inning.

Uh, no. Falling apart is when you lose. In case you missed it, UVA has a REALLY GOOD baseball program. Suggesting that somehow we screwed up because they made a comeback is not unexpected from you, but it is dead wrong. We won, and we beat a very good team.
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By Cider Jim
#558909 And this is UVa from the ACC :shock: , not Longwood from the Big South. :oops:
#559057 “Fell apart” Was probably poor choice of words! It was a long game and I didn’t feel like getting too detailed. Actually the score ended up being 10 to 6 over 12 or 13inning. First, it was an impressive performance for us on both sides of the baseball this early in the fall. I probably used those words because we were in total control that game for the first eight innings. I think we had a no-hitter until the sixth or seventh. We went into the ninth inning with a 4–1 lead. Erickson walked the first batter and then gave up a cheap infield hit. This set up the heart of the Virginia order to scratch 3 runs on timely hitting. After nine the score was 4-4. We didn’t panic and showed poise putting together a 2 run 11th with team abs. Then Galzin opened it up with a 3run HR followed one batter later by a Locklear Solo HR. Wagner had at least 4 hits maybe 5. Encouraged by what I saw.
By jinxy
#559185 Who all pitched, staff day?

Also any notable roster additions or subtractions?
By LUDad
#559206 Sounds like Wagner is really coming along. Question, Has he ever pitched? With his dad being a mlb pitcher for 16 years, it makes me think how DeGroat turned from being a catcher to a stud pitcher overnight.
#559207 Lineup

CF- Jalen Guy (athletic freshman, ironically lead off and went to same high school DJ Artis) only new Pos player
C - Embry
DH- Mathieu
3B- Galzin
2B- Wagner
SS- Locklear
LF - Roher
RF- Karraker
1B- McDyre

Each Pitcher threw 2 in order except last guy

McInvale (Sat out last year TJ) looked good sat 90-92

Price -high 80s, offspeed was working

Skirrow- threw strikes and sat low 90s

Brabrand- command and velo looked better than last yr low 90s

Erickson- highly recruited freshman that made it to campus. Low 90s ..I saw 94 a few pitches. Struggled to throw strikes initially. Gave up a few hits. Prob a few nerves I’m sure..first time on the big stage..but I think he will be a good one.

Freshman LHP..86-88...nice to have a lefty..(I think we have 3 LHP)

Righty Freshman?? Mid 80s got hit around a little bit
By jinxy
#559219 Thanks. Man if degroat and todd were here i would be predicting big things this year. Still too many variables to be confident yet.
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By Jonathan Carone
jinxy wrote:Thanks. Man if degroat and todd were here i would be predicting big things this year. Still too many variables to be confident yet.

That’s why I was so bummed Jack left. We were set up to have a really good year. I’m hoping we still can bounce back to where we expect to be.
By jinxy
#559228 Agreed. We will need better years from mcdrye and matthieu and more consistency from embry besides needing another guy or 2 to step up. Galazin and locklear are 2 steady guys that we kinda know what we will get from them. The lineup is missing the big middle of order bat and the rotation is missing the ace. I have more confidence one of the pitchers can step up and be the ace than i do the big bopper in the middle of the lineup.