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By LUDad
#547198 Lack of clutch hitting and base on balls are killing us.
By jinxy
#547199 This is just sad. Losing a series at home to Canisius. I may have been high when i guessed 25 wins.
By Chippy
#547217 Actually Canisius have already beaten Ohio State and NC State for what that's worth.
By olldflame
#547249 We rally to get a much-needed win in game 3. Bizzare 11th where the Canisious pitcher hit 3 batters to load the bases before Galazin got the winning hit. Looks like Artis is pulling out of his season-long slump and great to see Yacyk with a crooked number in the hits column. Stamper with a really solid 5 innings in the start.