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By krh44
#531392 Nice walk off win by the Flames. Good to see Sheppard come through in the 9th. Hopefully we can take the next two.
Winthrop lost to Radford
By oldflame
#531396 Nice gift from Radford, which has us tied with Winthrop for first. Unfortunately, even if we sweep the Hose, we need the Highlanders to do it one more time if we are to get the 1 seed. Thanks to our embarrassing sweep at home against the Eagles, they have the tie breaker.
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By Cider Jim
#531412 LU wins game 2 by a score of 8-3 with the long ball. Box score:

If you have never watched a game with dinner from the sky box, I'd recommend it. It's nice to have generous friends who treat you to games like that!
By LUDad
#531422 Since Presby has nothing to gain by winning today, I'm thinking they may want to set up their pitching for next week. On other hand, Radford could potentially lose a couple spots in the seeding if they lose today. Go Radford

Edit: So much for this thought since Radford & Winthrop jumped the gun on their start time. Guess it's time to setup our pitching...
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By Sly Fox
#531431 With Radford wrapping up the title before we even got on the field today, it seemed to let the wind out of our sails Because the Hose have dominated us. We didn't manage a hit until the 6th.
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By Cider Jim
#531435 I went and stayed for the final out. I think the score was 13-1, and we didn't score until the 8th inning on a sac. fly.
By jinxy
#531445 Probably the worst game of the year which is concerning being the last. I was only able to make 3 this year including kentucky bethune cookman and today. Looked like we layed down early and then jackson saved pitching which is fine. Lord help us if clouse or betsch have to pitch as it seems they are throwing bp. Bertsch velocity is there but it must be flat or something as he touched 93 several times. Stafford was finally used and looked pretty good. I mean a lefty that can hit ninety isnt easy to come by granted i know he has had his struggles. One might wonder if we made a mistake not utilizing him more. Seems like a great kid

Its going to be really tough to do much in the tourney with 1 reliable starter and he only goes about 6 innings. Have to hope you can win the first 2 with mitchell degroat price and quarterly then maybe throw clinton?? Evans is clearly spent but the last 2 or 3 outings he has came in juiced and mowed down the first 3 or 4 innings. I think we can use him for a quick shut down inning. Beyond that gamble is the only other somewhat reliable arm i can see down there. Best case is that we swing the bats and save the bullpen guys.
By krh44
#531509 Not the best game heading into the tournament. I am sure we eased up some after WU clinched first but we got beat bad. Hopefully we will be prepared for Tuesday morning.
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By g-webb1994
#531531 No worries for you guys, Stroupe shows his mediocrity this time of year. Example? G-W hasn't won more than one tournament game since 2012, didn't even qualify when we hosted it two years ago. Y'all know Upchuck doesn't fire coaches, so we are stuck with him.
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By BJWilliams
#531532 Well in an ideal world we won't face Winthrop until the championship unless we both lay an egg before then. I think we only lost one conference series all year and that was to the #1 seed.