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By krh44
#527027 Oh by the way, despite the excitement in the football thread there is a game today. I am excited to see how the team performs with the new coach. It would be nice to start off with a win against the hoos.
By LUDad
#527044 Certainly changes the dynamics of the game by having DeGrout in the bullpen. A few days ago I was certain that he would start as our ace. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Do what it takes to get to the 7th, 8th or 9th inning with a lead and then bring in a shutdown pitcher. We lost a lot of games last year in the late innings.
By LUDad
jinxy wrote:Grabowski battered for 9 runs 7 earned. Color me shocked.

I would not be surprised if the pitching was stacked so as to give Liberty the best opportunity to leave this weekend with two wins. It's what I would have done.
By jinxy
#527174 Well if we had evan mitchell and degroat paired with bertsch i would feel better. I just dont have much confidence in grabowski and evans from last year and years past.
By Chippy
#527176 We'll know more about this at the end of the day! But I agree. Grabowski and Evans have been batting practice pitchers forethe opponents in the past. Though I did watch a scrimmage and Evans was actually throwing strikes and had good velocity on the fastball.
By jinxy
#527242 Yep. Kansas is a weak squad and the citadel is a slighlty better program. 2 and 1 would be the expected outcome this weekend.

Anybody hearing anything on the severity of yacyks shoulder or who we might be looking at for mid week starts. I would think mitchell or clouse but ive been totally wrong on the pitching staff so far.
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By Sly Fox
#527250 Even a poor Big XII squad is still an impressive victory. So I don't wat to discount the victory at this stage of the season.