The most successful program on Liberty Mountain deserves its own forum. We give Coach Green and the Lady Flames their props while breaking down their run to the Big Dance once again.

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By ATrain
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Lady Flames head to Bowling Green for Thursday night MACtion against the 27-6 Falcons. The Falcons are the regular season champion of the MAC, but are 6 - 4 since February 15.
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By Cider Jim
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Watching ladies basketball is generally painful for me, but I did endure watching the whole second half.

The LU ladies shot 50% from the field and made something like 12 three-pointers, but the 25 turnovers killed us.
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By Cider Jim
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flameshaw wrote: March 17th, 2023, 3:26 pm We have ALWAYS had a lot of turnovers.
We always try to make that extra pass in traffic in the paint, and it usually gets deflected. Frustrating indeed.
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By ECC29
Turnovers are issue. However, what coach Green needs to do is recruit better athletes. Players with better speed that can keep up with the opposing players. This is always the problem with the team when they start playing against better competition. They do not have the speed to keep up.
By ECC29
Based on the last game, we can see that LU women’s basketball team just do not have enough athleticism to keep up with higher competition. Coach Green needs to stop recruiting slow basketball players. He needs to pull in athletic players. Or else put a new head coach that can bring in better athletes. FGCU is a prime examples of an athletic team that LU could not really keep up.
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