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I just posted about this on the 2021 recruiting class thread. Wouldn't be the first time we had a player tweet out a non-existent offer. Could be a misunderstanding or maybe just wishful thinking on his part. It wouldn't appear we have a need for a PG, but of course that could change.
Maybe he talked to Ballcoach. :dontgetit
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Technically, he did say the “University of liberty”

Maybe it’s someone else

With very similar jerseys
Liberty_25 wrote: April 4th, 2021, 7:05 pm Which one was it? I’m just curious! Thanks!
I am a bit curious myself. The one thing we do know is that he does not have a scholarship offer, and with DJ Moore re-classifying to this year's class, there almost certainly will not be one going to him, or any other guard. While there is some history of MBB recruits making "fake" commitments (either intentionally or as a result of a misunderstanding) I suspect that is not the case here. With Colton Reed graduating and Tytist Dean transferring, there is an "opening" for a walk-on guard in the program. What is more, this kid seems to have a resume that indicates he could develop into a contributor and maybe earn a schollie down the road. It's also possible he could get and accept a scholarship offer from another program.
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