If roundball is your blood, this is the place to discuss the Flames as they move into the Ritchie McKay era for the 2nd time.

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By stokesjokes
Is this at 6 or 5:30? I’ve seen conflicting reports. Alan York said 5:30 and LibertyMBB just put up a graphic on Instagram that says 5:30 too.
By CapnMac
Excited for the start to the season! This will be a strange game for me though. growing up in Lafayette, I've been a Purdue fan my entire life. This will be the first game ever that I am not actively rooting for them.
By olldflame
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Hanging in with a really good team and McGhee is 1-8 from 3. Reports of Keegan McDowell's demise were apparently premature. He has played 16 minutes and is our leading rebounder.
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