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By Purple Haize
oldflame wrote:
Purple Haize wrote:
cruzan_flame13 wrote:I have been stating this to folks about a McDowell. I also believe that he will transfer by the end of this semester. Also what’s the update of the player who wasn’t eligible(I can’t think of his name at the moment)?
Why not transfer at the end of the Semester? Seems foolish to waste all those credits that he’s enrolled in. Plus it would play havoc on eligibility. If he’s going to transfer I say he’d wait until the end of the semester. He might state his intentions earlier but it would be stupid to leave at this point
I suspect he meant the intent to transfer would be announced by the end of the semester. Those usually come out in early April.
That would make sense as I pointed out. But you never know
By oldflame
ballah09 wrote:I’m willing to bet Ritchie will hit up the grad transfer market to replace Cabbil and Gumbs.

You’re right about McDowell. With Preston and Price being eligible and the arrival of Rode and Robinson (Maide being redshirted) I don’t see the minutes for him.
When they were teammates at Carmel Christian, Maide played ahead of Price, even though he was a year behind him. If that turns out to be the case at LU, I don't see him being redshirted.
By oldflame
I think the commitment of Isiah Warfield for 2020 makes it a lot more likely that we will be looking for a grad transfer if a scholarship becomes available this Spring. We have our Lovell Cabbil replacement. We will just need to wait a year for him.
By oldflame
It's looking more and more like our roster is set for next year. While the idea that Keegan might choose to transfer made some sense, when you consider how well he fits with the school and team culture, it is also easy to see why he might want to stick around and get his undergrad degree, and hopefully another trip to the dance. I would think he can graduate next Spring, and then decide if he wants to transfer and pursue his Masters at another school, where he might get to play more.

I just spent a few minutes going back and looking at past rosters to see when the last time was we did not have at least one player transfer out. I quit when I got back to 2003-4, so it looks like it's been over 15 years.
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By jinxy
Crazy stat there. Think theres one other attachment to staying besides what you mentioned. Im good with him staying. Hes decent depth for his position should guys go down and a good kid. It would have been tough to get a grad transfer pt at any position unless he was a total stud and its awfully late for quality high schoolers. Really left the only option as a transfer who sat out.
By oldflame
It is weird that in all that time we did not have even one year when nobody transferred, but in terms of total numbers we are probably average or below. Since McKay has returned, only 5 scholarship players he signed have left.

Hansel Atencia
Brock Gardner
Xzavier Barmore
Jay Barber
Isaiah Williams

Hansel, Brock and Xzavier were primarily dissatisfied with the system and their role. Hansel simply did not have the length or athleticism to play the pack line. Xzavier could have done it (he ended up being defensive POY in his JUCO conference), but he struggled to catch on and was frustrated. Gardner realized he would be playing the 4 or 5 for the foreseeable future if he stayed and wanted to be more of a perimeter player. Williams was somewhat of an outlier in that he wasn't a perfect fit for the culture. He struggled, made a lot of progress, but ultimately decided he would be better off elsewhere. Barber is a strange situation in that he probably does not even get offered if he isn't the AD's son and he "retired" before ever playing.

The way we are recruiting now, I expect in the future there will not be many leaving before they get their degree.
By oldflame
SumItUp wrote:Josiah Talbert says hello
Oops. :oops: Technically, I guess he said goodbye. 8)

Having suffered a severe knee injury (I believe he has yet to play for Central MO) it's hard to know exactly why he decided to leave, but he is another player who had problems adapting to the pack line.
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By alabama24
SumItUp wrote:This week, RMK said LU is one of only 3 or 4 schools in all of D1 that is not losing any players from the previous year's roster to the transfer portal.
:clapping Play Basketball :-D
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