Is this the best Liberty team of all-time?

If roundball is your blood, this is the place to discuss the Flames as they move into the Ritchie McKay era for the 2nd time.

Is this the best Liberty MBB team of all-time?

If they make NCAAs
If they make NIT or NCAAs
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Re: Is this the best Liberty team of all-time?

Post by Ewglenn » April 3rd, 2019, 9:00 pm

oldflame wrote:
BJWilliams wrote:If you look at the season body of work for the two teams:

2004/05 Lady Flames
Record 26-7
Conference Record 13-1
Quality wins: 3 (Kansas State, Penn St, and DePaul )

2018/19 Flames
Record: 29-7
Conference Record: 14-2
Quality Wins: 3 (UCLA, Lipscomb, Mississippi State

I was there running the production for most of the Lady Flames run, but I would have to rank this past season's men's squad as better even though they only got to the second.round
We beat Lipscomb twice, but I would still say 3 quality wins. As much of a landmark as the UCLA win was, they weren't very good this year. and finished 120 in the NET. Count them, and IMHO you also need to count GA State, who finished 1 spot below them at 121.
Well the NET rankings were horrible so there’s that.

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Re: Is this the best Liberty team of all-time?

Post by Kricket » April 14th, 2019, 7:42 am

Perhaps this team will be topped by next year's team. Lunardi already has LU as a 12 seed. ... acketology

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