If roundball is your blood, this is the place to discuss the Flames as they move into the Ritchie McKay era for the 2nd time.
By olldflame
#545322 At 79.4 %, we are now #2 in all D1 basketball at the line, trailing only Central Michigan at 80.0%.

https://www.NCAA.com/stats/basketball-m ... t/team/150

The Chippewas have played 2 fewer games, which is probably in our favor. Really hard to raise our % at this point, but maintain it, and it would only take one or 2 bad games to bring them back to us.
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By Cider Jim
#545345 :clapping

As TF says every game, "they are FREE!"
By olldflame
Sly Fox wrote:I love our efficiency. I'd love to see us create more opportunities to get to the line where we can use this to a greater advantage.

Actually, I was surprised to discover that out of the top 20 teams in FT%, only 3 have more attempts.

BTW, our 19-23 shooting today brought us up to 79.6%
By olldflame
#545350 Just discovered that our 16-18 game against Winthrop was not included in the NCAA stats. We are now at 79.8. Problem is, Central Michigan has shot 29-33 in their 2 games since that was updated, putting them at 80.6. They are also really good at shooting FTs, and amazingly do not have a single individual in the top 50. :shock:
By olldflame
#545404 I misread the numbers on my earlier post. The ncaa stats are now current, and we are at 79.6%. Despite shooting over 85% in the last 2 games, we have lost a bit of ground not only to CMU, but to W&M and Marquette in 3rd & 4th.
By oldflame
#569520 Bumping this thread to report that after a bit of a slow start at the line this year, we are now up to 20th in the NCAA at 76.4%. Slightly down from last year, mainly due to Brendan Newton's 2-11 shooting in his limited time in lopsided games. Take that out of the equation and we are in 6th at close to 79%.