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61 days to go till kickoff.

Two things: 1. I love that Freeze passionately stated he expects us to go to a bowl game in year 1. That statement set the tone for higher expectations for the program and it sets the bar on accountability towards players and coaches. 2. As an SEC junkie, I love that he is taking the same approach here that he did in year 1 at Ole Miss.

How cool would it be if we played Arkansas State in the Cure One Bowl in December? Matter of fact that is what I have predicted in the college football magazine I just purchased.
Very good article. Thank for sharing. It was clearly a very honest assessment by our HC, and perhaps reveals more of our weaknesses than I wanted to fully accept. Nonetheless, the candor is necessary for us to really grow as a football team.[…],q_a[…] Elijah Strong […] Cal Klesmit 6[…]