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Definitely going to be some awkward conversations come year end. I'm sure some seniors will want to stay that we keep, and some that want to stay that we say thank you for your service but..... this will be tough. However with a full recruiting class, you will have 130+ guys. Only so many scholarships. There were some really good players in that 2020 class ( of course I am bias lol) however, they are all freshman again. 2021 will be a strange year but I think the team can be good in the future with what we have done so far, transfer rule, and facilities. Key imo will be keeping coaches or atleast getting great replacements if they ever move on. Coaching is the biggest key to recruiting. Should be the school since coaches come and go, but realistically, it is coaches. As a parent, I had to ask myself, who do you feel comfortable leaving your kid with to continue instilling your values away from home. Etc. Also, success garners recruits attention as well. I think we are on a real rise.
Yes he is on the fence. But he played so well that it will be tough to pass up the opportunity if he gets real looks at the next level based on this good season. I fully expect he would dominate again next year for us but, is an injury risk sport.
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I think some of the seniors may see their draft stock go up and that may push them to stay one extra year. Both Ralfs and Elijah had been projected as late round draft picks and I think Butler staying would push him from not being drafted to a 5th to 7th round guy. Imagine if Sargeant and Schultz come back to the O-Line too!
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By jinxy
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Interesting that we take green and dump bryant. Would also seem to mean mack or pickett will not be coming back.

He had been in the portal for about a month and it seems new mexico and lu were the only 2 offers out there. Also not many stats. I dont think he played at all this year. Cant tell if he was 1 or 2 years ledt.

Damien says 2 years. He also elected to transfer right before the pac12 season. Forgot they started so late. They have become totally irrelevant.
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ballah09 wrote: December 7th, 2020, 10:38 pm This also means Mack and Pickett aren't going to use their extra eligibility.

Looks like we're going with Green, Louis, and Henderson for next next year.
Louis and Henderson are small. I think we need one more RB with size besides this transfer, even if the freshman does not play this year.

We just offered Duron Lowe, a defensive back from UTEP. Had 2 interceptions and forced fumble this year.
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By gerb
Pleeze. HF is a top 10 recruiter and has previously closed the #1 kid in the country. After a top 25 season, recent facilities improvement, Willis lighting it up and all the P5 media attention he continues to generate I wouldn’t be shocked if our class is about to be upgraded in a huge way with some big surprises.
I can cut some slack for some of the negativity of those who have grown accustomed to what has been characterized as "typical Liberty". I don't see this being that at all. The direction of the program is clearly trending up. These recruits are not decommitting because they don't like that direction. Either they have had their offers pulled, or they are looking at the competition they would face from returning Seniors, and are looking for an easier path to getting on the field.
I think what a lot of people are forgetting here is that there is also a one-time waiver from the NCAA for instant eligibility for transfers. I could easily see Hugh Freeze pulling many transfers to Liberty. Why take a risk with a high school recruit when you could pull a more proven prospect with two years of eligibility from a P5 program.
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By jinxy
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Several things

One time transfer has not been approved yet but is expected.

We are all pulling the plug on most all of these.

With p5s doing the same thing there is a good chance of a trickle down impact.

With transfers and seniors returning it muddies the waters further.

The transfers weve offered so far have been ok but not much an uptick from what weve seen in years past. Granted ive only seen 3 so far.
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By jinxy
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It would seem like were only looking to sign 14 or 15 kids in the early period.

The only guys that i can tell for sure that we are recruiting for 21 is aaron smith as a db, the gt lb committ that we just offered and the utep grad transfer db and the utah state transfer db. Possibly Paul Hutson 3 star DT. Im sure they are some that are under the radar

Its almost like they are going to reset the board after the early period. Lb continues to be the biggest surprise that unless something changes we will sign none in the early period.
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