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By DomCasual
It would be helpful if the four-letter minimum for forum searches was dropped to at least three. I am a BYU fan that has interest in Liberty because 1) of the recent and future games scheduled between the two schools, and 2) I went to a small, private, Baptist high school, and many of my friends from high school ended up attending Liberty.

Usually, when I come here, I am looking for comments made about BYU. It's not only because we are in the middle of the series with you. BYU has followed a fairly unique path to eventually membership in a P5 conference. I am intrigued to watch Liberty as they aspire to achieving a similar result - and it seems like some members here have realized the unique characteristics and challenges the two schools share.

The problem is, the search function won't search for the term "BYU" because it's too short. I run a board for an NFL team, and I understand the reasoning behind having a setting like this. But it's an easy adjustment, and technology has all but eliminated the reasons in the past for having the minimum.

Just food for thought.
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By Sly Fox
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Full disclosure, I set up that 4-letter minimum back in the day when I ran the site eons ago. Four letters seemed reasonable so I set it there. I suspect that has just remained in place without any thought until this post.

By the way, I have long admired BYU's program and struggles. You guys should have been in the Big XII in the earlier realignments. I am seriously jazzed about our meeting in Lynchburg this year. It liked to kill me to miss our game in Provo due to work obligations. I never miss a chance to get to Utah.

Feel free to stick around and mix it up with us.
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