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By Purple Haize
Wait? We have to pay for stuff? Liberty fans get stuff for free!
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By Cider Jim
Will the forum still be free, or will we have to shell out 7 bucks a month just to read posts by Ballcoach and Purple?
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By Class of 20Something
Ball coach wouldn’t buy in. Maybe it should be paid access.
By Ewglenn
If the forum is paid for I’ll move over to csnbbs. I can’t imagine the content being worth 7 dollars a month. ESPN+ is 5 dollars and is loaded with content.
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By amar0819
Personally I could justify $20-$30 for content but not $84.It's even more than my yearly Flames Club contribution... I don't see our fan base being there either...Couldn't y'all add more paid add's on the board to make up for costs? As one who normally just ghost reads I see a lot of people like myself not paying to be a club member for this price.
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By Jonathan Carone
I doubt the board would be paid. My guess is the recruiting info and some interviews would be what you get. That's pretty standard at the larger schools.
By Ewglenn
So we will get some news on recruits that haven’t committed and some interviews with positions coaches for 7 per month?
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By Class of 20Something
I’m probably going to give up my snobby coffee subscription 😢 and do this instead. I’ve leeched off of Manson’s quality content without a single financial contribution. It’s time for me to support him.

It’s the same philosophy I have with supporting athletics or the school in general.
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By Cider Jim
A Sea of Red wrote: June 20th, 2019, 1:38 pm The forums will be free. Anything you currently access will still be free.
THANK YOU!!! :clapping :woohoo :clapping
By jinxy
Are you doing a brief trial period for folks. Ive had several people ask me and i didnt know. May be too difficult to program but i was thinking something like a free 7 day trial? Think it might help the effort.
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