Inspired by NCAA National Champions Josh McDougal & Sam Chelanga, LU runners, jumpers and throwers have their own corner of FlameFans. Follow the exploits of Sammy and the rest of arguably the university's strongest programs.
By LUDad
#552349 Markus Ballengee had a great day today in the Decathlon. He finished 2nd in the 110 M Hurdles, 3nd in Discus, 3nd in Pole Vault and 8th in Javelin. He completed Wednesday's events in 17th. His efforts today has moved him into 7th place going into the last event of the Decathlon (1500 M). That event is scheduled for 9:26 PM EST tonight. Top eight are All Americans. Go Markus! Go LU!

You should be able to watch the event on ESPN2
By LUDad
#552354 Markus finishes 5th in 1500m to finish 7th overall in Decathlon. All American! Had a number of personal bests in the various events.
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By Sly Fox
#552355 Wow! Congratulations, Markus!