Inspired by NCAA National Champions Josh McDougal & Sam Chelanga, LU runners, jumpers and throwers have their own corner of FlameFans. Follow the exploits of Sammy and the rest of arguably the university's strongest programs.
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By Sly Fox
Collingwood (ONT) Enterprise-Bulletin wrote:This is a true track family

By Gisele Winton Sarvis, Special to Postmedia Network
Monday, July 17, 2017 8:55:55 EDT PM

Rebecca, 18, left, and Naomi Herman, 16, of Collingwood have reached the national and provincial level, respectively, in track and field.

The Herman family of Collingwood is rising in the ranks of Canadian track and field.

Rebecca Herman, 18, won the bronze medal July 7 for shot put at the Athletics Canada’s Senior/Junior Canadian Track and Field Championships in Ottawa with a throw of 13.33 meters.

“It was fun Friday night because there was five or six thousand people there for Andre De Grasse in the 100,” said her father and track coach Ron Herman.

Of note for LU ...

Their mother Robin schools the Herman children at home. Rebecca will do a “victory lap” at home school in September but there are several Canadian and American universities that are recruiting her for the fall of 2019.

“Rebecca is still thinking through what she wants to do,” said Ron.

Naomi’s goals are to qualify for the Legion Junior Nationals and she would love a scholarship at Liberty University in Virginia because it’s a Division 1 school for athletics and a Christian university.

Naomi’s role model is the 1930s Scottish runner Eric Liddell who was the subject of the Chariots of Fire movie and numerous books.

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