Inspired by NCAA National Champions Josh McDougal & Sam Chelanga, LU runners, jumpers and throwers have their own corner of FlameFans. Follow the exploits of Sammy and the rest of arguably the university's strongest programs.
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By BJWilliams
#531311 Congratulations to the following Flames/Lady Flames for making it to the East Region meet:

Sam Arter (men's javelin)
Jovaine Atkinson (men's 110 hurdles, first ever Flame to qualify)
Ryan Davis (men's 400 hurdles)
Zach Davis (men's high jump)
Alex Hoffsmith (men's javelin)
Darrel Jones (men's triple jump)
Janae Jones (women's triple jump)
Azaria Kirwa (men's 5K and 10K)
Dasiana Larson (women's hammer throw)
Kylie Polsgrove (women's high jump)
Denzel Pratt (men's javelin)
Brenna Smith (women's javelin)
Michael Todd (men's 800)
Carson Waters (men's pole vault)
Erin Zappia (women's high jump)