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By Dalegarz1
There are some rumblings among the AD’s of G5 schools that a new playoff format is needed to insure that G5 schools get a fair share of the financial pie. One of the models being proposed is a G5 only playoff at the end of the year. What are your thoughts on this or any other format currently being tossed around?
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By prototype
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We DO NOT want this. This is Division 1AA all over again. Unless it feeds into FBS playoff, which I don't know how that could work - you can't have players playing 6 extra games each year.
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By Purple Haize
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I’m still loving a Relegation Model
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By Ill flame
I would be OK with the top 2 G5 conference champions having a play in game for the G5 slot kind of like the 16 v 16 games in March madness. It would be good for exposure, give more G5 teams a path to the playoff and give them more money. But I have no interest in a separate G5 playoff from the big boys.
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