Anything and everything about Liberty Flames football. Your comments on games, recruiting and the direction of the program as we move into new era.

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By Cider Jim
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Our Spring Game is tomorrow--Saturday, March 2. Gates open at 1:00, and the game starts at 1:30. ... ay-march-2

Who's going???
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By Cider Jim
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I think we found our backup QB in our transfer from App State: he looked like a textbook example of "dual threat quarterback." :shock: :clapping
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By LUOrange
IMO, Bradford looked the best behind Salter. But obviously, we'd be fools not to red shirt him in the fall. Hampton and Berger are the clear 2 and 3. I'd guess, Berger gets QB2 merely cause he got 3 series vs Hampton's 2, but they both were getting much better as they were getting warmer. McEachin also played well, but I will say that I hate his number. QB numbers shouldn't go higher than 19.
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