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By Sly Fox
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Watching Twitter get flooded with transfer portal entrants has me watching to see who among our squad is looking for an exit:

DL Marquise Brunson
DT Dre Butler
LB Jordan Norwood
WR Jaivian Lofton
LB Carl Poole Jr.
LB Ahmad Walker
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By LU 57
Bowl game will be interesting if this keeps up. I imagine a lot of other teams will be in the same boat.

I don’t blame the players, just stinks though.

I used to LOVE bowl season. Very disappointing.
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By Ill flame
ballcoach15 wrote: December 5th, 2022, 11:42 pm NCAA needs to eliminate portal and allow transfers on case by case, hardship basis.
They tried that already and there was no rhyme or reason to who got waivers.... unless of course one of those high profile players was transferring to a blue blood.
By Humble_Opinion
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ballcoach15 wrote:NCAA needs to eliminate portal and allow transfers on case by case, hardship basis.
Kind of hard to lock players in for four years when the coaches that recruit them/make promises don't have to stay locked in with their contracts. And they're actually getting paid. They do need to reform it though. Nothing should begin until after bowl season has ended. Schools should be prevented from hiring/talking to new prospective coaches and players shouldn't be allowed to enter the transfer portal. I can see why they have the early signing period for incoming freshman, but even that should be looked at. It's ruining the "postseason", except for the CFP.
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By Baybird
Humble_Opinion wrote: December 6th, 2022, 4:20 pm From an impact standpoint, losing Walker is pretty big. I just can't figure out why he would leave. It can't be because of playing time. The D played different when he was on the field.
The good players are taking advantage of the press Freeze brings and the success of the Defense to move on up to a P5 program. Don't like it as a fan, but makes sense for the player.
By olldflame
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OneHope wrote: December 7th, 2022, 9:49 am “Deeply saddened by the events of this new leadership” interesting comment to make
I think that may fall into the Purple/Archer "phrasing" category. I suspect he was primarily referring to HF leaving, but I guess it's possible he has some negativity toward JC as well. He had a rep for going right up to the line on rules, and sometimes stepped over, but most of the blame for that was probably rightly placed on others.
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By Purple Haize
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I think Archer means it differently :D But I think you’re 100% spot on with your point. This will be the kids 3rd coach at 1 school.
By paradox
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It's pretty open-ended guys. May not be a good fit? And the phrase being focused on is not exactly a good look for the player. Certainly Walker gets our attention, but we have no idea what that's about. Hardly a mass exodus going on. Things should start taking shape after the Bowl.
Bodden has every right to express his feelings on social media. However, to make that statement is to let immaturity show. That kid has played hard for LU and I will always appreciate that but if you are going to go out then do it with class.
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