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By CCWMichael
I want it back in binding!
The digital version is useless for quick identification and just other general use. Absolutely useless for quick usage.
I am so simple I just could not imagine advertising in something a few people will see.
Most everyone where I sit misses them. Well, except for the two folks who sit next to me but were not at the first two games .... I do thank them for the extra space very much needed for our bobble heads and food.
But hey, digital is better .....
Imho for my 1500 a year and tickets I could get a hard copy ....
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By Chippy
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LUOrange wrote: September 28th, 2022, 7:39 pm I miss real tickets. Especially the nice picture book ones they use to send to season ticket holders.
The ticket office can print out "real" tickets for you but not the parking pass, that remains digital only.
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