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By FlamesHighontheTide
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I fell short on keeping this up over the last two games, so let's combine them.

Who were your top 4 favorite performances from our win vs UMASS and our loss @BYU:

1. AGG(this spot is reserved for him each week). He is the GOAT of LU athletics.

2. Buckshot - over the last two weeks he has thrown for 777 yards(in basically 6 quarters), 7 TD's 0 INT's and completed 65% of his passes!

3. Javon Scruggs - he played his best game vs BYU and played at a whole different level too.

4. Solomon Ajayi - When you talk about consistency on our defense Ajayi is right there with Lemonier and Ajayi has improved from last year to this year.
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