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By CCWMichael
Watching Miami and Florida it is too much not to think of our chances the 31st.

I have not seen practices just fan appreciation day. This means my knowledge comes from last year and limited eye test.
I believe we will miss a field goal within 40 and possibly have another blocked.
Our secondary last year was suspect. And, that has nothing to do with this year. If we play tight it will limit the quick outs and easy 10 yard gains. I just don't know how we will play. I believe from the open practice we will work at playing tighter. I am dreaming of a tighter secondary that can nullify my prediction.
Punting is an unknown.
My dream is we win the toss, come out fast and,an finish from there.
My limited knowledge tells me we will see a separation in the second half.
If it were not for special teams I would cover the spread losing by 13.
Prediction ----- SU 47 Flames 27
+++ EDIT +++
After my preseason mistake was brought to light (postman)
Attendance 23,721
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By thepostman
As is our tradition, the tie breaker for home games will be attendance. Feel free to edit your post CCW.

I think we keep it close 3 quarters and Syracuse tires us out and pull away late.

SU 37
Liberty 24

Attendance 22,334
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By FlamesHighontheTide
I have gone back and forth on this game in regards to covering the spread or not.

But call me crazy, I think we do pull off the upset. We will have extra inspiration due to HCHF sickness and I have seen to many teams play way above their level when things like that happen.

Syracuse is good, but I do not think they are top 25 this year and they will be looking past us.

LU - 34
SU - 27

Attendance: 24,800
By Old Red
I’m believing everything comes together & we pull off a stunning upset.
LU - 40
SU - 33

Liberty fans & locals won’t do what’s required to fill the stadium. But, the 22,409 who are there are in it to the final play.
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By Purple Haize
Class of 20Something wrote: August 25th, 2019, 10:46 am
Purple Haize wrote: August 25th, 2019, 10:03 am Not having Freeze on the sidelines will be huge
I dunno. We could have "film room Freeze" on game day. That could allow for more reliable in game adjustments.
Game day adjustments are nice. But sideline motivation is another thing entirely. Lots of people can do the first. Not many the second
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By chris leedlelee
LU 35 Syracuse 31


After watching the team rally around Hugh Freeze, combined with the electric atmosphere expected at Williams Stadium, and the tendency of LU to start hot, I see LU pulling this one off.

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