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By LUOrange
gerb wrote: October 27th, 2020, 2:12 pm Now that our first win over the ACC and Big12 is out of the way, probably next biggest "first" opportunity other than our record this year is beating SEC Ole Miss next year. LU winning there is about as unlikely as Ole Miss beating Alabama 2 years in a row... which is why I'll be making the trip to Oxford just in case Hugh pulls off the impossible again.

Fun fact: Lane Kiffen was the OC @ Alabama when Freeze beat them and of course is now the HC @ Ole Miss.
Well then it's predestined that we're going to beat Ole Miss next year! :pbjtime
By olldflame
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Jonathan Carone wrote: October 28th, 2020, 11:11 am It's high level SEC or nothing.
I agree, but beyond that I believe that does not necessarily mean he would automatically jump at any offer from one of those schools, only that he would consider it.
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By Have_a_Gansett_2011
Jonathan Carone wrote: October 28th, 2020, 11:11 am It's high level SEC or nothing.
I think you're right - looking at Auburn, UF, UT, etc. But if FSU, UT, or OU called (I think FSU/UT/Auburnare likely heading for a change, and Lincoln Riley could be going NFL), he gone.

I think of all those schools, FSU/Auburn are the most likely for him to pick up the phone.
By ballcoach15
FSU is a "dumpster fire" when it comes to coaches. Has been since Coach Bowden retired. I've lost track of how many they have had.
If Coach Freeze stays at Liberty long enough, LU will pass most ACC schools.

(heck we may win more ACC games this season than UVA)
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By FlamesHighontheTide
If and when Nick Saban retires look no further than Hugh Freeze or Dabo Swinney(who may be in the NFL then). I know this for a fact but Nick and Hugh are good friends and Nick respects Hugh tremendously aka Saban wanted Hugh to run their offense after Kiffin left for FAU.

Freeze is the ONLY coach to beat Saban 2 years in a row. Only Swinney, Malzahn, Meyer and Freeze have beaten Saban twice or more.
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By Purple Haize
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chris leedlelee wrote: October 28th, 2020, 1:41 pm I think the biggest thing from that Outkick interview was that he said that his entire family is happy here. That is really going to be the biggest factor in keeping him here for as long as he would be.
When Momma is happy everyone is happy
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By rmiller1959
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From an ESPN+ Insider article on coaching candidates for next season:
Second chances for Sarkisian and Freeze?
"The off-field problems that cost Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian and Liberty coach Hugh Freeze the opportunities to lead Power 5 programs are not the same. Sarkisian's struggles with alcoholism led to his departure from USC. Freeze, meanwhile, resigned from Ole Miss in July 2017 amid personal conduct issues that included calls to a female escort service.

"But Sarkisian and Freeze are thriving in their current roles. Sarkisian oversees arguably the nation's most explosive offense and has molded quarterback Mac Jones into a legitimate Heisman Trophy candidate. Liberty on Saturday improved to 6-0, giving Freeze a 14-5 record with the Flames, an FBS independent. Former Auburn quarterback Malik Willis is blossoming under Freeze, who has produced top offenses throughout his career.

"Both men are excellent offensive playcallers and recruiters. Both have SEC experience. Could a major opportunity be on the horizon?

Sarkisian is considered the stronger candidate. He turned down the Colorado job in February, which could actually benefit him after another strong year at Alabama.

"'Somebody else tried to hire him, so you're not going to be the first one,' an industry source said. 'There's also not a lot of proven offensive [candidates] right now.'

"Another source added: 'Sark is a lot more hirable. I don't think anybody will have a lot of questions.'

"But a Pac-12 administrator thinks Sarkisian isn't a slam-dunk candidate, noting that he didn't exactly thrive at two of the better jobs in the league (USC and Washington).

"Although Hugh Freeze is not currently coaching a Power 5 team, he has thrived at Liberty. Dennis Nett/USA TODAY Sports
Freeze could be the more interesting Power 5 candidate. Can schools overlook how things ended at Ole Miss, which received a postseason ban and other penalties for violations under Freeze's watch? At some point, SEC schools will be intrigued, perhaps even Auburn if it moves on from Gus Malzahn. Although Will Muschamp appears somewhat safe, Freeze could be an option the next time South Carolina opens.

"Freeze twice beat Nick Saban and guided Ole Miss to consecutive New Year's Six bowls.

"'What Hugh's done, being a head coach and being successful, somebody's going to take a shot on him,' a Power 5 administrator said. 'You'd get beat up, but s---, he wins ball games.'

"A subplot with Freeze is whether he needs to make another move before returning to the Power 5 stage. He's an alum of Southern Miss, the only FBS school currently with a coaching vacancy. But, as one source noted, 'If his goal is to get back to the SEC, he can get there easier from Liberty than Southern Miss.'"
By ballcoach15
paradox wrote: November 1st, 2020, 9:56 pm With Freeze, I'm thinking NFL might be his next stop. He's got a great eye for talent with the skill positions.

NFL: See Miami Dolphins/Nick Saban
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By LUOrange
cruzan_flame13 wrote: November 5th, 2020, 3:53 pm
TH Spangler wrote: November 5th, 2020, 2:12 pm Best article yet. ... y-ole-miss
"When asked about the future, Freeze waves aside the topic. He rattles off the coaching cliches. He’s happy in Lynchburg. His family is well taken care of. He’s honored to be here."
That was an excellent article, that cements in my mind that he's not leaving anytime soon. The earliest would probably be after next season, if at all. Also, if we lose him it won't be to the NFL. It would be a P5 school.
By badger74
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Dont get the Sark love. He was not great at Udub or USC. I would think being a major alky is worse than liking women.
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By Purple Haize
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badger74 wrote: November 5th, 2020, 8:05 pm Dont get the Sark love. He was not great at Udub or USC. I would think being a major alky is worse than liking women.
Apparently he’s stone cold sober now
By JK37
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badger74 wrote: November 5th, 2020, 8:05 pmI would think being a major alky is worse than liking women.
Not an apples-apples comparison, and I think you knew that. But no, it’s not worse - especially if you’re married.
By JK37
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I don’t deny your statistics, but we were discussing the stigma attached to each. The fact that it’s hard to “find those” cases of infidelity proves my point: marital infidelity is More often hidden by the offender and even the offended after found out, because it carries a far greater stigma than alcoholism.
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