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By BJWilliams
Given where Syracuse finished and where Liberty finished this is a fair line so far out from the game. Id certainly put some money on that
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By BJWilliams
Id probably put it on Syracuse covering but I may toss a small bet on Liberty losing by less than 17.5 to hedge my losses
By JK37
I’d put money on Liberty on that line all day long.

No way Freeze loses his debut that badly. Might not win, but Syracuse won’t cover that line. No way.
By Ewglenn
JK37 wrote:I’d put money on Liberty on that line all day long.

No way Freeze loses his debut that badly. Might not win, but Syracuse won’t cover that line. No way.
My thoughts. It’s too high for the talent and the atmosphere. I’d put it at 10.5.
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By Class of 20Something
This game is a moneyline bet all day.

Liberty +650

Don't bet the spread. Bet the straight up win.

Even a small bet pays well. $20 to win $130 sounds like a steal to me.

If you're willing to lose $20.
By Ewglenn
ballcoach15 wrote:This game reminds me of our trip to Baylor. Everyone said we would lose.
Not really comparable imo. Baylor had a complete gut job and was a mess. Dino has Cuse trending in the right direction. I do feel we have a good chance because they lost some production from last year in key positions (QB and DT).
By tyndal23
Syracuse runs same offense as Freeze - read option isn’t going to sneak up on their D, they see it every day in practice. Their offense will have to adjust for a different type QB this year, much like HF will for Buckshot - more of a 2 read and eliminate the 3rd read of QB hanging on to the ball and running it. That said both teams have a 100 different wrinkles and looks etc, but I think it will be a little tougher to score on Syracuse based on this.
By tyndal23
Spent the evenings past 2 weeks watching all of Syracuse games on YouTube ( full games not highlights )I recommend watching their 3 losses - 4 point road loss to Clemson, OT loss to Pitt away the very next week, ND loss ( QB starter down 5 minutes left of 1st qtr ). When finished, go back and pick any 3 of LU’s losses - perhaps Auburn who was ranked behind Cuse by a lot, or perhaps N. Texas, or New Mexico State. Then come back ant talk about 17.5 points and how we will cover easily, or not...but I only want to hear it from those of you who watch all the games and give logical fact based reasons ( asking for a friend in Vegas )...and if you say QB, then make sure you also watch FSU, NC and his 1st pass in Yankee stadium after starter went down and discuss how our environment will rattle this young sophomore QB. I am not arguing one way or the other - how different our D will be or how much better our O will be under HF or specific players Cuse lost - I want to hear it from others - I am forming my own opnions and seeing some things we can exploit and areas we could have real trouble.
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By BJWilliams
I've watched a lot of games for both Syracuse and Liberty (being a sports nut and still desiring to get back into sports journalism) and I have Liberty losing by 16 if memory serves correctly. Liberty even going back to COach Rocco does not get blown out a ton, which I define as losing by 4 scores or more (It has happened, of course, see Coastal Carolina 2016, and Auburn last year), especially at home (Jacksonville State in 2016 being an exception). We are very good at remaining competitive to the final gun. I don't think that DeVito (I think that is his name) will get rattled per se, but I do think that with the film that we have on him, and with the new DC, we will do very well in preparing for his skill set. We have also shown a knack for playing even better as a big underdog (see Baylor 2017, and yes I am aware there were other factors and the Bears stunk like a week old bag of dirty diapers that year). Personally, I had said that I would put my money on Baylor but Id lay a small side bet on Liberty covering just to mitigate my losses. I'm curious where the line moves once training camp starts at the end of July (with the opener on August 29)

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