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By Purple Haize
Jonathan Carone wrote:It’s not crazy at all. People disguise their voice when writing all the time. If you were a high level official and wanted to write this op-ed, you would do it in a way that created confusion on who it was written by and didn’t make it obvious you wrote it.

As for the article itself, I don’t think it’s fake. I believe people in the Trump administration are doing exactly what it implies they’re doing.

But at the same time, I already thought that before this came out. There’s nothing new in this other than someone trying to either make a name for themselves or distract from something else going on. It’s not a bombshell or even particularly interesting.

This. When it broke and some of my DC friends were all in a lather I really felt like I missed something. But I’m still :dontgetit
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By TH Spangler
#557544 If the NY Times wants me to not vote for Trump, they should endorse him. Because I'm voting against anyone they do. :lol: