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By CCWMichael
#554505 So, I have endured a few struggles as of late. I have over two feet of scars on my abdomen as a result of an on going battle with cancer. As a result I have not been able to swim or do anything with any strain for quite some time. So, today we took our daughter to Hershey Park. I just walked along for the company. I was the locker for the clothing while everyone went swimming.
At one point late in the day my daughter wants to turn around. She wanted to ride the sky lift ........

The sky lift is nothing but cars that are cabled above the park. She just wanted daddy to be able to do a ride with her.

One of my best moments ever!!!!!!!!!
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By Cider Jim
#554507 I love Hershey Park and the sky lift. I'm so glad you had a good time with family. That's very encouraging news. Blessing on your vacation.
By Old Red
#554508 Glad to hear that you’ve been blessed with a great vacation with your family.

I’ve been through my own long struggle with cancer, & likely share some of the same abdominal scars you do. Praying for you as you fight through it & heal.
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By Sly Fox
#554522 Kids get it far more often than we realize. Still praying for you, brother.
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By Class of 20Something
#554530 I'm not crying, you're crying.